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Biggest Leadership Challenges In 2022

CEO VS Owner
September 19, 20223 min read

This Is Every CEOs Internal Struggle

Does this sound familiar?

"As I grow my business, there is a lot of nuance and things that need to get done in a certain way. So, I will have to be involved in the business as it grows--probably more. Eventually, I want to exit. But I got to oversee everything." Okay. Let's break this down for a second; here's what's going on: 

Every CEO has the same emotional battle in their head every day. It's why some companies go all the way, and some stay on the sidelines. CEOs think their desire to feel important in their life is equal to their company's size. Every CEO has this flaw that we fight every single day. It's an eternal battle that never goes away. Although, of course, some people get better at it over time. But the struggle is between the CEOs' desire to feel important in the world and using their company to support that desire.

The CEOs of the biggest companies in the world admitted to working many hours even though many of them are billionaires! What was required to get there was for them to be less involved in the other things they were more engaged in during the beginning of the business. 

When Bill Gates started Microsoft, he was probably in charge of HR, hiring, and other random things. But as the company grew, he got less involved in everything. Now, he makes the big decisions. He's no longer in charge of the customer support ticket or HR.

One of every CEO's most difficult tasks is "letting go of control."

One main challenge that CEOs face is the misalignment and not letting go of control. We see this through a study done by DDI, "One of the biggest talent issues is that there's a huge misalignment between HR's and leaders' perceptions of their current leadership effectiveness. As a result, organizations face the biggest leader quality gap in a decade with 48% of leaders rating leadership as high quality, compared to only 28% of HR professionals."

Our Inner Battle

We equate our value in the world to how well our company is doing. Then, we make decisions based on that evaluation. As CEOs, what we have to do is fight that inner battle emotionally. And most of the time, it never goes away. 

So, I like to play this game where I reframe it. Here's what I try to do. I try to reframe Kevin Marcus Miller as a complete and separate entity. One that is not related to All Approach. I happen to work at All Approach. That's how I choose to communicate and build my emotional bank account. I evaluate where I'm at in life with that lens. That is a struggle every day because when things go right, you want to equate the business's success to yourself. But when things go wrong, you are always the first to criticize yourself or your team.

Keep this in mind--that internal battle you're feeling is typical. As a CEO, we're not the success of our company. They're not the same thing. You're an entrepreneur, and you're going to have many endeavors in your career. 

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