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How To Attract and Retain Talent

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September 22, 20222 min read

How To Attract and Retain Talent

Every business owner wants to attract and retain their employees. Many businesses do this in various ways. Some benefits include three weeks starting PTO, health, dental, vision, etc... After you attract them, how do you retain them? Some options include:

  • Offer competitive salary every quarter.

  • Offer bonuses for goals met every month, quarter, or year.

  • Engage with them. (just because you are the CEO doesn't mean you can be absent).

  • Build a comprehensive benefits package.

  • Provide employee development programs.

  • Offer free college tuition.

As you can see, many ways to engage and retain your employees exist. However, it would be best if you showed them they are valuable to the company and that their position matters. Even down to the janitor who keeps your building clean every hour! Your employees need to know they are making a difference and have a chance to broaden their horizons at your business.

Every business is trying to attract talent in 2022. Where should you start?

If you are looking to attract high-level talent, you have to start paying attention to your business model and case studies. This is because anybody seriously considering working for you is going to look at your business model and case studies. And where do they find those? Well, they're going to Google you, and then they're going to visit your company website.

First impressions last. If your website looks bland or if there aren't any good client testimonials available, your prospects may not want to interview with you. Conversely, if they're a potential customer, they may choose not to use your services.

Another thing you should seriously work on if you want to attract high-level talent to your business is your online presence. For example, don't forget to keep your social media platforms updated. If you've got a company profile on LinkedIn and Facebook, make sure to keep those updated. Facebook pages that don't even have a banner or have not been updated in ages are an actual red flag for any high-level talent you're trying to attract. For them, this means you are not a serious business.

The next thing is your mindset. A CEO mindset wants to delegate more things and wants to pay people more money. Aside from that, there's a massive mindset shift that attracts the right level of talent. Remember, high-quality skills are attracted to CEOs with the right mindset.

Finally, your interview process—especially if you are hiring overseas. If you have never interviewed a great VA before and attempt to freestyle it on the Zoom call, they will not want to work for you. Instead, they will go somewhere else that has an actual interview process. 

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