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TikTok, Instagram, or LinkedIn?

November 25, 20221 min read

Is LinkedIn Marketing Your Preferred Platform?

Okay, we gotta go back to the beginning. You have different platforms for different purposes, right? To market your business. Some of you may be marketing on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, maybe you know exactly what those platforms do. So let me just give you a quick rundown, right?

TikTok is great if you want to post videos that educate your audience and then you can nurture them into a sales process.

Instagram is for people who already know you and they wanna see what's going on in your life. That's not where you send cold messages.

LinkedIn, right? And ads as well, are for cold traffic. People that are strangers to you. That's what you want to use LinkedIn for, because you can actually target the right people very quickly using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can target people by headcount. You can target them by exactly what they do in their industry, their experience if they're active on the platform, and you cannot do that on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. You can't do that.

That's why you want to use LinkedIn, for example, if you're in these niches, accounting, finance, marketing, freelancing, consulting, coaching, if you're a lawyer, all of those are great niches to leverage LinkedIn.

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