Welcome to Your

Onboarding Process

Our founder, Kevin Miller, will be guiding you step by step on what exactly to do in order to facilitate your client onboarding process for a better experience for us both.

This process will be updated regularly due to any major updates or changes in our system.

The onboarding process takes around 70 minutes and requires some research, please leave adequate time for this. 

It may take 70 minutes, but once it’s done… it’s done. No back and forth emails or stumbling for passwords further down the line.


What To Expect In The

Next 70 Minutes

Saving Time & Faster Results

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What We Expect

Out Of You

Our Approach

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Pay Invoice & Sign Contract

Confirming Your Spot

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Download Your Onboarding Forms

Download Your Onboarding Forms Below

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Tell Us About Your Project Vision

Email Us Your Completed Onboarding Forms

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Book Your Strategy Call Below

Let's Talk About Growing Your


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Just Some Final


Welcome Aboard!

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If you ordered a Starter, Plus, or Popular package, please download the following 3 forms; web design, logo design & online listings onboarding forms.
If you ordered the All The Works package please download all 4 forms below. 
*Please note per the instructions in your invoice, if you ordered a package that includes paid advertising on Facebook or Google, your remaining payment, paperwork, & onboarding for your paid ad campaign will be handled separately by our strategic affiliate. This also applies if you ordered our virtual assistant recruiting service.
Please email completed onboarding forms to Kevin@allapproach.com
We will insert your onboarding forms into a private google doc to track our projects together.
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You Have Officially Completed 

Your Onboarding Process!

Hope this was a very smooth and simple process, and always remember authenticity always wins!

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