Welcome to Your All Virtual VA Onboarding Process

Congratulations on your new position!

Our head of VA recruiting, will be guiding you step by step on what exactly to do in order to facilitate your VA on-boarding process for a better experience for us both.

This process will be updated regularly due to any major updates or changes in our system. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email at


Join Slack 

Get Connected With Other Program Participants & Staff

Slack is our internal communication workspace. It can be segmented by creating Channels for various topics. This is a great way for the entire team to know what content and topics you need help with and to interact with your client.  


What to Expect In The

All Virtual Program

Program Overview 

Here at All Approach we have created a training program that will cater to your learning style and professional development needs. View our presentation about the All Virtual program using the button below.


What We Expect

Out Of You

Your Commitment

Here at All Approach we expect excellence from you. View our presentation about your role in the All Virtual program using the button below.


Orientation Video Session


 Welcome to the All Virtual Program here at All Approach. On this call we'll cover logistics, your employment application, and next steps. Please message Kevin on Slack when you complete steps 1-3. Kevin will then guide you with next steps.


Meet & Greet With Your Client & All Virtual

Meet Your Client

Time to meet your client and to request specific training materials. Please message Kevin on Slack when you complete steps 1-4. Kevin will then guide you with next steps. This will be a Zoom session with your client and the All Virtual Team.


Commence Training

Let's Review Your Job Responsibilities & Training

Our team will assign you your specific training program by direct messaging you on Slack. Your initial training will be between 1-5 days of specific training designed specifically for your job position with your new client. The All Virtual team and your client will be here to support you as you learn how to be the best virtual assistant you can be.

Step 7: Zoom Check-In With Your Client & the All Virtual Team

It's time to check-in with your client and update them on your progress. We will schedule with you a Zoom meeting with your client and the All Virtual team to review your daily progress and assessment.

Image by Brett Zeck

You Have Officially Completed 

Your Onboarding Process!

Hope this was a very smooth and simple process, and always remember to work hard!

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